The Soho Loft Capital Creation Series announcements

Can Crowdfunding and Social Networks Forge Ties to Kickstart the Economy?

Huffingtonpost By April Rudin, January 31st, 2012

“David Drake”, one of the co-founders of “The Soho Loft Capital Creation Event Series”, is enthusiastic about this opportunity. He is also founder and Chairman of *LDJ Captial* in NYC where his passions for energy, efficiency and real estate investments which intercorrelate directly with the technology, media and telecom investment strategies of his firm. His premise is that our current market system rewards short-term traders rather than investors. This is just one of the reasons that he supports crowdfunding… 
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Crowdfunding Set to Explode with Passage of Entrepreneur Access to Capital Act

Forbes By Adrienne Burke, February 29th ,2012

Nearly $100 million in seed money was pledged last year to startups and creative projects through the crowdfunding platform one of many websites now dedicated to matching projects with people who have some means and desire to support them. 
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